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Greetings and well met, traveller! I am Caiylania E'Leanu, the Half-Elven. I welcome you to this place, my simple lair. Though I am a warrior, of good standing in my Guild, all who fight for good, or at least not against it, are invited to explore as they wish.

Please let me know if you have any comments (if negative, have suggestions, or don't bother to just flame) and send them my way. I enjoy meeting new and old friends alike.

Caiylania ~

as a note.. this site is not intended as a resource. It is just a place to share histories and links I find useful. Resources may be added, but please do not e-mail me asking advice on how to train or rp your charachter. There are better sites for training advice, and RP is personal choice.

To contact me for Gemstone IV RP or info use AIM name: Caiylania

Or write me at

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Caiylania Mercantiles
My shoppe in Wehnimer's Landing

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